26 February 2013

INPEX 2013–National Championship Award


National Championship Award

  Dinesh Chandra Sharma, Lucknow for Summer Olympic Games

dinesh sharma3

Mrs. Damyanti Pittie receiving Championship Award on behalf of Dinesh Chandra Sharma at INPEX 2013

Hi !

I am still travelling after attending INPEX 2013 at Mumbai and writing this Post from Bharuch, Gujarat . I am trying my best to give the glimpses of INPEX 2013 Award ceremony to my readers and those who could not visit the exhibition. I have posted pics of the show in my last Posts. Here I share the Championship award won by Mr Dinesh Chandra Sharma of Lucknow who made a history in the field of philately by winning highest award of the national exhibition in thematic philately. I am proud to share here this on my blog as both Dinesh and me started  Philately together in 1984 at UPHILEX 84, Lucknow from Junior section. I am very proud that he won National Champion’s award, the highest award  given first time to a Thematic Philatelist. Many Many Congratulations to Dinesh !! Unfortunately Dinesh was not present at the show as he left Mumbai two days ago due to some urgent work. Our best wishes to him for much more success in future.

 Standing ovation to Dinesh from all Thematic Philatelists and whole Philatelic Community on his Greatest Achievement !!!

The pic was taken by my son when Championship award  was announced all clapped and stood up to give a standing ovation to the winner !!

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