24 February 2013

INPEX 2013 : Day -4



Hi !

Today is the 4th day of INPEX 2013. I will visit the show in the morning for an hour to say good bye to my friends….The results will also  be announced today However the results were ready yesterday evening but could not be announced due to certain reasons not known to me …Today the long awaited meeting of PCI will also be held and certainly new decisions will be taken …..Let’s see and hope that this meeting will give some fruitful result to all the lovers of philately…Before I conclude this Post I wish to share here some nice pics taken by Mr Rakesh Walia of Chandigarh with my Readers…

Last but not the least..In the exhibition I met many  readers of Rainbow…and it was a pleasant moment for me !! Thank you all ….I  feel very sorry for some whom I could not give time …..but definitely would meet them today……




Memorable Moments at INPEX 2013

103_1481 103_1485

Dr Anjali Dutta, Sekhar Chakrabarty & Rakesh Walia

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