29 April 2012

New Titanic stamps..


New Titanic centenary stamps from Ireland…

Titanic 1

Thomas Andrews is on the 55c stamp. 

Ger Garland designed four stamps featuring the faces of four Titanic passengers, which have been unveiled in Cobh, Co. Cork.There are two 55c stamps - one with Co. Down Titanic shipbuilder Thomas Andrews and another of Irish photographer Father Browne, who left the ship at his hometown of Cork. There are also two 82c stamps.

One shows Titanic Captain Edward J. Smith surrounded by oblivious passengers on the doomed ship’s stern and the other is of life boat six survivor Molly Brown with the first class staircase behind her.

There’s a strong postal connection with the Titanic, which was also an RMS Royal Mail ship. It had five postal clerks on board, three Americans and two British. All lost their lives when the ship sank.

Titanic survivor Albert Thessinger was the last person to see them alive. “I urged them to leave their work,” he said. “They shook their heads and continued at work. I saw them no more.”

Titanic.jpg 2

    Titanic Captain Edward Smith is on the 82c stamp

Titanic.jpg 3

Molly Brown on the Titanic

Titanic.jpg 4

Fr Browne left the Titanic at Cobh, Co Cork



The Belgium Post has issued a stamp sheet to commemorate the centennial of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.


The sheet is sold together with the 3D glasses, in order buyers could enjoy the viewing of the Titanic movie in 3D issued in 2012 and directed by James Cameron.


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