06 April 2012

Extraordinary stamps of 2011…



Austria – Europa 2011

In cooperation with the Federal Forestry company, the Austrian Post Office issued a very special stamp . In the form of a small letter, the block contains a specially selected mixture of seeds from Austrian spruce trees from the Tyrol, the Salzkammergut, the Waldviertel, Styria and Carinthia.


In the year 2011 some very unique stamps very released. Here are some listed by International Stamp News. Some more unique stamps will be published in next Post !



In 2011, Dutch advertising agency Gummo, the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and TNT Post presented the first stamps in the world with augmented reality. The stamps show five unbuilt works by famous Dutch architects. Each stamp is printed with a unique QR-code that when placed in front of a webcam erect 3D buildings in the palm of your hand. By moving the stamp, users are able to see the virtual building from almost any angle.

New Zealand's first 3D stamp


In September 2011, New Zealand Post issued its first 3D stamp - just in time for Rugby World Cup 2011. This innovative stamp, featuring the Tournament's prize, the Webb Ellis Cup, has been produced in strictly limited quantities.

:International Stamp News

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