23 April 2012

Dracula on stamps…


Death Centenary of  Bram Stoker who wrote famous horror novel “ Dracula”

Bram Stoker stamp Stamp edge (0 [Converted]

Date of Issue : 19 April 2012

On 19 April, 2012 An Post issued commemorative stamps to mark the centenary of the death of Bram Stoker. Bram Stoker, born Abraham Stoker on 8 November, 1847 in Clontarf, Dublin, is best remembered for his classic Gothic horror novel, Dracula, first published in 1897.

In 1870, Stoker graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, whereupon he took up a civil service post in Dublin Castle. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Stoker discovered the civil service wasn’t his cup of tea, so to speak. So, in his spare time, he turned to being a drama critic for the Dublin Evening Mail and also started to develop stories and articles for publication. That said, he rose through the ranks of the civil service, and had his first book published, Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland.

He first met Henry Irving when the renowned actor, who was on a visit to Dublin, thanked him for his glowing review of his production of Hamlet. Their friendship developed to the point where, in 1878, Irving suggested Stoker decamp Dublin and join him in London as manager of the Lyceum Theatre. During his managerial tenure at the Lyceum Theatre, Stoker finally took to writing on a regular basis.

In 1897 Dracula was published. The book, which netted him very little in terms of income during his lifetime, has been the inspiration for hundreds of films and a flourishing tourism industry in both Transylvania and the English seaside town of Whitby, the first landfall for Count Dracula in his search for fresh victims of vampirism.


In later life, Stoker suffered from a succession of strokes, and died on 20 April, 1912 at the age of 64.

To commemorate the centenary of his death, An Post has issued  two graphically arresting stamps designed by David Rooney, and depicting Stoker’s most famous, and enduring, creation.


In addition, a fearful mini sheet  and two dramatic First Day Covers are also available.


Products available with this issue:

Centenary of the death of Bram Stoker 55c Se-tenant Stamps (120755ST) €1.10

Centenary of the death of Bram Stoker 55c Sheetlet (120755STS8) €8.80

Centenary of the death of Bram Stoker Minisheet (1207MS) €1.10

Centenary of the death of Bram Stoker FDC Minisheet (1207FDCMS) €2.10

Centenary of the death of Bram Stoker FDC (1207FDC) €2.10

Orders and/or enquiries relating to this release or indeed any aspect of the Philatelic Business should be sent to:

Philatelic Bureau, Order Department P.O. Box 1991, G.P.O., Dublin 1, Ireland

Philat Telephone: 00 353 1 705 7400  Fax: 00 353 1 705 7289

Internet: www.irishstamps.ie

courtesy : Prashant Pandya – Vadodara


The cover of the first edition of Daracula

Publication date : 26 May 1897

Dracula is an 1897 novel by Irish author Bram Stoker.Famous for introducing the character of the vampire Count Dracula, the novel tells the story of Dracula's attempt to relocate from Transylvania to England, and the battle between Dracula and a small group of men and women led by Professor Abraham van Helsing.

Dracula has been assigned to many literary genres including vampire literature, horror fiction, the gothic novel and invasion literature. The novel touches on themes such as the role of women in Victorian culture, sexual conventions, immigration, colonialism, and post-colonialism. Although Stoker did not invent the vampire, he defined its modern form, and the novel has spawned numerous theatrical, film and television interpretations.

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