06 April 2012

New Europa 2012 stamps …..


Europa 2012 : Visit ….


rom 3

Date of Issue : 6 April 2012

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Here are some recent nice stamps on Europa 2012 theme…

Romania Post will issue two magnificent stamps on Europa 2012 theme today . The stamps are so  colorful and beautiful in design that any collector would like to have them. Another nice set on Europa 2012 theme “ Visit ” was  issued by Bulgaria Post on April 4 .

In club News read about a new book to be released soon on Crash  Mail of the Hindenburg… This is all for today….Till Next Post Have a Nice Time !!



Date of Issue : 4 April 2012

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Club News

New Book on Crash mail of the Hindenburg


75 years ago, on May 6, 1937, airship LZ-129 Hindenburg crashed at Lakehurst, NJ. The cause of the crash is not yet finally determined. And many questions are still unanswered in connection with the mail onboard: Of the 17,500 mail articles onboard, only 357 were officially recovered.


In April 2012, a new book is due dealing exclusively with the crash mail of the Hindenburg. And most of the open questions will be answered. The book is titled "LZ-129 Hindenburg, Zeppelin Crash Mail", author and editor is Dieter Leder. The book will be published in A4 size  and in English language. The volume will be about 300 pages with over 300 illustrations, the book is hardbound and in full color.

Crash 1

"Am enjoying a nice crossing". Card written by passenger Burtis Dolan.

The first two chapters are dealing with the pre-crash mail dispatch at Frankfurt Auslandsstelle (foreign section) and Luftpoststelle (airmail section). Chapter three is dealing with the operation of the onboard post office. Chapter four is dealing with the American eastbound mail dispatch. And then comes the crash....

The book will be available end of April 2012/early May 2012 .
- ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP members will receive a 20% discount on the regular book price and the pre-sale price is only Euro 95. (This is Euro 80 for the book and Euro 15 for shipping and handling the 2 kilograms/71 ounces heavy book). The Euro 95 includes shipping and handling.

Pre-sale orders must be paid in full at the time of order. Fastest and easiest way is to pay through paypal (send funds to zpj@arcor.de ), cash is accepted as well as cheques (make them out to Dieter Leder and send them to: Dieter Leder, Seepromenade 6, 88709 Meersburg, Germany).

For more details , please email at :  zpj@arcor.de

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Mircea Ostoia said...

Thank you sooooooooo much for the beautiful comment on Romania EUROPA 2012 stamps - I am Mircea Ostoia, the designer of the stamp ;)


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