12 April 2012

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I.T. College Lucknow

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Date of Issue : 12 April 2012

India Post Issued a commemorative stamp today ( 12 April 2012 ) on 125 Years of Isabella Thoburn College of Lucknow. Popularly known as IT College is one of the oldest Girls’ College of Lucknow.

Stamp Image : Mansoor B, Manglore



125 years of Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow

Isabella Thoburn College, the first Christian institution for women in Asia, is celebrating 125 years of its existence. During this long journey, this institution has produced several big names, which very few colleges in the country can boast of. These include Padmashri Dr

Mohini Giri, first chairperson of National Commission for Women in India, Late Isha B Joshi, first woman to be an IAS, Isha M Joshi, first woman judge, late Mumtaz Jahan Haider, founder principal of Women's College in Aligarh, late Vijayaraje Scindia and many more.

The college has also produced  renowned authors such as late Ismat Chugtai and late Qurtul-ain-Haider. Other big names from this college include Mohini Mangalik, who studied here in the early 40s. Boys were not allowed to visit here except during fetes when girls used to bring their male friends.

Other past students of this college who have made it big are Amrita Dass, founder-director of the Institute of Career Studies and Abha Singh, director, postal services, Maharashtra and Goa, and the list is endless. They are deeply indebted to their alma mater for what they have achieved in life.

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