04 August 2011

The Struve Geodetic Arc - The “measuring tape” of the globe



Date of Issue : 6 May 2011

Hi ! Here is the recent stamp from Finland featuring  The Struve Geodetic Arc, The “measuring tape” of the globe. The two stamps in the miniature sheet  are in  within each other in a very unusual style giving a look of single round stamp in the miniature sheet. In fact it is a composite beautiful se-tenant pair of stamps in which The outer stamp is round, and the inner has the shape of the map of Finland. A very interesting design for the collectors of se-tenants as well as those collecting on themes related with  Maps and geography..

In my last post I published the design of medals awarded in Philanippon 2011. Undoubtedly the design of medals  in the form of Japanese Fan is wonderful The idea of the designer is very innovative. Our distinguished member Mr Naresh Agarwal gives compliments to the designers and organizers of Philanippon 2011 for this unique design….. This is all in this Post…Till Next Post …Have a Nice Time ! 


The Struve Geodetic Arc
The “measuring tape” of the globe appears on new Finnish stamp issued in May 2011.
The Struve Geodetic Arc was used for determining the size and shape of the globe. The arc, which is approximately 2,820 kilometers long, extends from the Black Sea in Ukraine all the way to the Arctic Ocean in Norway. The arc was named after F.G.W. Struve who managed the measurement in 1816–1855.

The arc measurement stations are located in ten countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The 34 most representative measurement points of the Struve Arc were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a joint site of ten countries in 2005.

fin 1

The miniature sheet  indicates the six points located in Finland. The two stamps in the release are within each other in the miniature sheet. The outer stamp is round, and the inner has the shape of the map of Finland.

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From our readers…

Naresh Agrwal writes from Bilaspur (C.G.) …

Magnificent medals of Philanippon 2011….


The medals of Philanippon 2011 are not just  beautiful but innovative  too. In fact, I feel the organizers should be innovative in their approach as we see philately stays in innovation now a days. Stamps of different designs,shapes and dimensions.These innovations are very pleasant. My  heartiest thanks to the organizers who came up with such innovations and showed the philatelic world a new way to be adopted in future exhibitions.

Further, I believe these medals should be presented in a beautiful show case/display pack so that these may be placed otherwise these are just kept in lockers for passing their life time.......


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Stamp Bears writes….

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