18 August 2011

My Stamp My Cover….



Here I  wish to share a special cover with an innovative idea. Our distinguished member Mr Vipan Kumar Thakur of Chandigarh has prepared special covers for “My Stamp”, personalized stamps issued during INDIPEX 2011. The cancellation on the cover is from Chandigarh Philatelic Bureau. It is a fancy item for collectors to preserve the memories. A variety on covers could also be created by sending them using Speed Post or Registered Post service of India Post.





Vipan Kumar Thakur writes….

I HAVE CREATED COVERS FOR "MY STAMP" FOR MY SELF. ONE WITH "MY STAMPS" OF MY PARENTS AND OTHER WITH "MY STAMP' OF MY DAUGHTERS.The cancellation is a permanent cancellation given by Chandigarh Philatelic Bureau   It is is a Dater Stamp ( cancellation), with changeable dates and is marked on posting articles on request.

Press Clipping …

An article on renowned  philatelist of Kolkata  Mr Sekhar Chakrabarty  was published in Rajasthan Patrika on 14 August 2011 . Mr Chakrabarty has specialized on Flag theme and regarded as expert on this subject of flags.  His Blog on Flags “ Flags and Stamps”  can be viewd at  http://flagstamps.blogspot.com/  Also read Interview with Mr Sekhar Chakrabarty.


Rajasthan Patrika 14 August 2011 

: Ashwani Dubey- Gorakhpur

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