02 August 2011

New stamps on Astronomy from Germany


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Date of Issue : 11 August 2011

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German Post will issue four new stamps on Astronomy on 11 August 2011.

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Courtesy : Shrikant Parikh, Ahmedabad

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Real Tributes to unsung heroes by a Philatelist…

Anil Dhir Book Here I wish to share a great work and  service by Mr Anil Dhir, renowned philatelist from Bhubaneshwar. Mr Dhir is known for his extraordinary   work and  deep research in  philately and   social fields. “The Last Post” is an excellent example of his work with many more to mention… His selfless effort  and love for deep research makes him always very special in his work and findings. Here is another finest piece of work rather great service done by him….Read the full story !



1945 - An untold story of war & love

- DN Singh

This story begins with a visit to the Madras War Cemetery early this year, by a man in quest of a trace dating back some 66 years. The man in question, Anil Dhir has a penchant for history and has an enviable record in unearthing the glories of the past. Dhir says he was in search of material for his article on the War Cemeteries in India, which took him from one end of the geography to the other. 

His quest landed him in Chennai, where the Madras War Cemetery is situated. The Cemetery presented interesting clues before Dhir and a challenge too. At the Cemetery he had a tryst with an interesting disclosure - a set of fourteen graves which were of airmen who had apparently died in a plane crash at Amarda Road. The fourteen individually named headstones were arranged side-by-side, but from the Cemetery Registry it was learnt that they had been interred as a collective grave. A collective grave is a burial of recovered remains which, though not individually identified, constitute of a small group of known individuals.

Read full Story…


It is a gigantic task, almost impossible to locate the living relatives of  the  airmen   who died in crash many years ago..... and  real  heart felt tributes to the  unsung heroes by Mr Anil Dhir  who is always in the quest of something different and unique !!  This is a heart touching story. To do this work one must have a great patience to work and wait .....which Mr Dhir has proved...in many  of his tasks done in past years.... The Last Post by Anil Dhir is one such example , well  known to   philatelists...   Philatelic Community is proud to be asscoited with Mr Dhir !! Great work  by him !!

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