11 August 2011

New Stamps on AIDS Prevention..




Date of Issue : 8 June 2011

Fiji Post issued a set of four stamps on 8 June 2011 in global  response to HIV AIDS Prevention. Fiji is made up of about 332 islands covering some 650,000 square kilometres of ocean. From 1874 to 1970, Fiji was a British colony. The population totals some 700,000 people.Fiji is classified as a low HIV prevalence country; however the number of new HIV infections is increasing.

Stamp Designs

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Protect youth from HIV and Zero new infections (20c stamp, 40c stamp)

In Fiji HIV is mostly transmitted through unprotected sex, and there is a potential high risk of infection among young people. In 2010 more than half of all new infections, 23 of 33, were in young people aged 10-29. The high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections especially among young people, potentially increases the risk of HIV infection. It is therefore essential that young people are empowered to protect themselves from HIV infection.


Prevent mothers and babies from HIV (65c stamp)

In 2010 there were 33 new reported cases of which 12 were pregnant women, but there were no babies born HIV positive in 2010. Government has ensured the prevention of parent to child transmission as one of its main focus areas in the national response to HIV. The awareness of the availability and benefits of voluntary counselling and testing for pregnant mothers resulted in the increase of testing in the ante-natal clinics from 46% in 2006 to 67% in 2010.


Zero discrimination ($5 stamp)

HIV related stigma and discrimination continues to hamper the AIDS response. This year the Fiji Government enacted the HIV Decree. When enacted to its capacity the Decree safeguards the privacy and rights of people living with or affected by HIV, including confidentiality of personal information.

Special Covers

Many collectors often enquire about special covers issued by different postal circles.The series of special Covers, issued in different states of India is being published for the cross reference of thematic collectors. The cancellations on the covers  might become a  part of their topical collections.


special cover

Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. : 4 August 2011

special cover 

150 glorious years of Railways in India :  28 September 2003

: Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

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