28 August 2011

PyeongChang - Host of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games 2018



Date of Issue : 3 August 2011

PyeongChang - Host of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games 2018

Pyeongchang (Pyeongchang-gun) is a county in Gangwon province, South Korea. It is located in the Taebaek Mountains region, and is the most popular winter sports location in South Korea. It is also home to several Buddhist temples, including Woljeongsa. Pyeongchang County is located approximately 180 km (110 mi) east of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Pyeongchang will host the third Winter Olympiad  2018 Winter Olympic Games.

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One commemorative stamp celebrating the hosting of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games is issued, conveying  delight and exhilaration and looking forward to the date when this dream is realized in PyeongChang -- a locale that is surrounded by Taebaek Mountains to its east, the Charyeong Mountains to its southwest, the Odae Mountain and Gyebang Mountain to its north. The locale is more than 700 meters above sea level and receives over 250 cm in average annual snowfall.  


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: Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur



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