21 August 2011

New stamp on Buddha from Hong Kong….



Date of Issue : 2 August 2011

World Heritage Site - Hong Kong Dunhuang Grottoes

Hongkong Post’s stamp sheetlets on Mainland Scenery are a feast for the eyes with magnificent landscapes and majestic architecture. The tenth and last series presents the Dunhuang Grottoes, a cultural legacy that has enjoyed worldwide fame for centuries.

Hong Kong Post issued a beautiful Miniature sheet on 2 August 2011 featuring  Hong Kong Dunhuang Grottoes. These are famous all over the world for magnificent Buddha Caves. Its The Mogao Caves were declared a World Heritage in 1987.This souvenir sheet is a delight for Buddha stamp collectors.




Dunhuang Grottoes

Situated in Dunhuang County of Gansu Province, the Dunhuang Grottoes consist of five main cave sites, namely the Mogao Caves, Western Caves of a Thousand Buddhas, Eastern Caves of a Thousand Buddhas, Yulin Caves and Caves of the Five Temples. Of them, the Mogao Caves are the oldest in history, grandest in scale and richest in content.

Located in a cliff-face on Mount Mingsha, 25 kilometres southeast of Dunhuang County, the Mogao Caves are sanctuaries for world-renowned sculptures and murals. They showcase a millennium-long anthology of Buddhist art, with the earliest dating back to the first year (366 AD) of the Taihe Period of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The 492 caves found still standing are a treasure trove of over 2,000 painted statues and 45,000 square metres of murals with 4,000-plus paintings of flying Apsaras. The Mogao Caves were declared a World Heritage Site in 1987 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The upper half of the stamp sheetlet captures the magnificent vista of the Mogao Caves, while the lower half depicts a Buddhist mural found inside one of the caves. The vibrant colours of the painting still show despite the ravages of time. The flying Apsaras on the right and left are delineated in silver, lending a touch of elegance and fluidity. Built on the external wall of Cave No. 96, the Jiucenglou (nine-storeyed building) featured on the top of the stamp is the tallest structure in the Mogao Caves. By accentuating the enchanting Buddhist art against the spectacular caves, the stamp sheetlet celebrates the glorious works of art of Dunhuang.

Special Covers

Tamil Nadu


Date of Issue : 29 December 2008




Ashwani Dubey – Gorakhpur

Club News

Stamp exhibition on Buddhism in Leh

India Post will host a stamp exhibition  in  Leh (Jammu & Kashmir)  from Sep. 1-5 during Leh Festival. 5 special covers are proposed to be released  during the exhibition. The exhibition will display some special exhibits on Buddhism. The collectors of Buddha theme who intend to display their exhibits in this exhibition may kindly contact Mr. John Samuel, Chief Post Master General, Jammu & Kashmir Circle at the earliest.

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