23 May 2011

Stamps on Marine Biodiversity…

Date of Issue : 12 May 2011

On 12 May 2011, Phil Post issued a new set of definitive stamps dedicated to the marine biodiversity of the Philippine coast. The stamps illustrate a banded vexillum, a mushroom coral, a cowfish and a pink tube sponge.

Banded Vexillum (Vexillum taeniatum) is a species of small sea snail, marine gastropod mollusk with ribbed miters. The shell size varies between 38 mm and 85 mm.


Mushroom Corals (Fungia scutaria) are colonies of individual flattened polyps related to anemones. Color can range widely from green, red, blue, purple or gray. Their surface texture may be smooth or fuzzy looking.


Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) is recognizable by its long horns that protrude from the front of its head, rather like those of a cow or bull. Adult fish live around sand or rubble bottom up to a depth of 50 m. They are omnivorous, feeding upon benthic algae, various microorganisms, sponges, worms from sand flats, mollusks, small crustaceans, and small fishes.


Pink Tube Sponges (Cribrochalina olemda) are animals of the phylum Porifera. Their bodies consist of jelly-like mesohyl sandwiched between two thin layers of cells. Sponges do not have nervous, digestive or circulatory systems. Instead, most rely on maintaining a constant water flow through their bodies to obtain food and oxygen and to remove wastes, and the shapes of their bodies are adapted to maximize the efficiency of the water flow.

Permanent Pictorial Cancellations

Tamil Nadu

ppp mylapore

Permanent Pictorial Postmark – 11 - Mylapore

ppp mylapore close

Date of Inauguration of PPP - November 14, 1979



Mylapore is a cultural hub and a bustling neighborhood, in the southern part of Chennai (formerly Madras) city. It is a major commercial center and one of the oldest residential parts of the city. It is remembered well for the famous 7th century Kapaleeswarar Temple, a shrine of Lord Shiva.
The postmark depicts a peacock and branches of Punnai tree (Dilo Oil Tree). Legend says that Goddess Parvati in the form of a mayil (Tamil word for peacock) is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva, hence the name Mylapore. In Hinduism, Agamas state three essential requirements for a place of pilgrimage - Sthala, Teertham and Murthy. Sthala refers to the temple; Teertham, to the temple tank; and Murthy to the deities worshipped. A temple may also be associated with a tree, called the Sthala Vriksham. Punnai Tree is the Sthala Vriksham of the Kapaleeswarar Temple.


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