24 May 2011

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PHILACOIN 2011, a one day Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition held at Loins Bhawan, Bilaspur (C.G.) organized by Chhattiasgarh Philatelic Association,Bilaspur jointly with Bilaspur Mudra Parishad,Bilaspur under patronage of Loins Club Bilaspur on 22.05.11 stamped an impression of great success as it was graced by the regular attendance of big number of visitors of the city and was highly appreciated by the local print and electronic media. The exhibition which was organized with a view to refresh the collections of the members, to introduce, attract and guide the new collectors in this field was highly appreciated by all the visitors of all age groups who enjoyed the fascinating world of stamps and coins together under one roof.

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The show was graced by the highly acknowledged thematic exhibits of National and International stature belonging to Mr. Atul Jain and Sri Naresh Agrawal on “Human Hands” and “Automobiles” respectively which won various national and international awards in the recent times. There were other very good exhibits “Gandhi-a life journey” by Sri Abhijit Biswas along with others on different topics such as “Queen’s Baton Relay-2010”,Dak Ticket Sandharbh, Jain Dharam, Maximum Cards (environment), History and development of car, Road Traffic Safety, Labeling Airmails etc. Numismatic section had displays of Coins from 500Bc to 1947 AD by Sri Neeraj Agrawal, Coins of republic of India by Sri Alok Chowdhary and Sri Pramod , Wild life on Indian coins and currency by Sri Maurya was a great attraction and was crowded by visitors all the time.

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Bad weather interrupted the flow of visitors twice in between but surprisingly the enthusiasm was never reduced. The people kept on visiting even during the rain showers.


Visitors’ comments on the visitor book showed that the love for philately and coins is there in every one but it just needed opportunity and a platform to show it. Loins club of Bilaspur, very generously requested the association to conduct such shows every year and assured full support.


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Speaking on the dais , the president Sri C.R. Andhare and General secretary Sri Atul Jain thanked the Loins Club, the people who visited the show, the people who showed interest in becoming member of the society. They spoke on the aim and importance of such activities . Loins club Bilaspur awarded certificate of appreciation to all participants and honored the veteran philatelists for their achievements and services . The success of the show was an example of team work with special efforts from Sri PratapThakur, Abhishek Sharma and Abhijit Biswas under guidance of Sri C.R.Andhare.

- Naresh Agarwal, Bilaspur (CG)

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