28 May 2011

New Stamps from Slovenia..



Date of Issue 27 May 2011

Posta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia) issued a new stamp on 27 May 2011, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the premiere of the first Slovenian full-length (partially) acted film, In the Realm of the Goldenhorn. On the same day a set of two stamps was also issued on EUROPA 2011 theme “Year of Forests”.

EUROPA – Forests Sgerm's Pine tree

Date of Issue : 27 May 2011

Permanent Pictorial Cancellations

Tamil Nadu

ppp hasthampatti

Permanent Pictorial Postmark – 15 - Hasthampatti

ppp hasthampatti close

Date of Inauguration of PPP - January 30, 1997

Hasthampatti is a neighborhood in Salem City. Mahatma Gandhi, during his visit to Salem on February 14, 1934, stayed as a guest at the residence of  Landlord Natesa Pandaram. The Government of India acquired this building in the '80s and the Hasthampatti Post Office is functioning in this building. The room in which Mahatma Gandhi stayed is converted into Mahatma Gandhi Philately Museum inaugurated on January 30, 1997, and philatelic stamps, first day covers, stationery issued by India as well as other countries are in display.
Cover illustration shows bust of Gandhiji and post office building at Hasthampatti. The postmark shows the Charkha / spinning wheel and text 'Bapu' in Tamil and Hindi. The photo below shows Mahatma Gandhi working with Charkha.


charkha and gandhi 

Charkha - The charkha was both a tool and a symbol of the Indian independence movement. It is a small, portable, hand-cranked wheel, ideal for spinning cotton and other fine, short-staple fibers, though it can be used to spin other fibers as well. Mahatma Gandhi brought the charkha into larger use with his teachings. He hoped the charkha would assist the peoples of India achieve self-sufficiency and independence, and so used the charkha as a symbol of the Indian independence movement and included it on earlier versions of the Congress Flags.


: Kasinath R.- Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu)

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 From our Readers…….

Sandeep Chaurasia of Gorakhour shares here an article published in Bhartiya Rail a prestigious magazine of Indian Railways. Mr Chaurasia is a thematic philatelist and collects on Railway theme. Sandeep Chaurasia may be contacted at email : sandeepchaurasiagkp@gmail.com

Indian Rail 1

Indian Rail 2

Published in 'BHARTIYA RAIL' (March-April 2011)

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