24 May 2011

New Europa stamp..


Date of Issue : 6 May 2011

National Park of Slovakia

The Slovak Post issued a new stamp on Europa 2011 theme it is dedicated to the National Park Poloniny. This park is the eastern-most Slovak large protected area. It lies on the Slovak-Polish-Ukrainian border. The forests are dominant in the national park - they cover more than 90% of the area. Those most precious ones are declared to be the national natural preserves or natural preserves to protect the old forest community. They are unique for human-impacted or only slightly impacted forests called primeval forests. It is a community where everything flows in an integrated circle. It represents the peak of natural ecosystems

Permanent Pictorial Cancellations

Tamil Nadu

ppp perur

Permanent Pictorial Postmark – 12 - Perur Patteeswaraswamy temple

ppp perur close

Date of Inauguration of PPP - February 03, 1976


Perur Patteeswaraswamy temple built by Karikala Cholan is located 7 km west of Coimbatore near Noyyal river. The origins of this temple go back to the pre Christian era. Karikal Chola is said to have built the innermost shrine of the temple. The temple upholds huge statues. This is one of the best among South Indian temples in terms of architectural and sculptural splendour. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this is a temple of great religious significance. The statues of Gajasamhara, Virabadra, Bikshadana, Urdhva Thandava, Saraswati with Veena all rival one another in artistic perfection. The greatest attraction of the temple is the ‘Kanaka Saba’ or the golden hall, which is adorned by a gold plated statue of Nataraja.The cover illustration shows Lord Shiva in Urdhva Tandava pose and postmark shows Lord Shiva as Gajasamhara Murthy.


: Kasinath R.- Thanjavur

Blog : My Watercraft Philately - http://shipthemegallery.blogspot.com/

Private First Day Cover

tagore fdc private

Cover prepared by : John Emanuel Boben , Trivandrum

Blog : www.philalover.blogspot.com

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