27 May 2011

2nd Africa - India Forum Summit FDC


India Post has wrongly printed the map of India on the back of the First Day Cover issued for the 2nd Africa India Forum-Summit issue of May 25, 2011. It is shown in  reverse position on back side of the FDC which is actually the mirror image of the correct position. View details on following links.



Courtesy : Shrikant Parikh

Se-tenant Stamps of India


Wrong Image


Corrected version

Courtesy : Stamps of India

From our Readers…

Private FDC

elephant front 1

elephant back 2

Mr. Boben J E of Trivandrum has prepared private FDC of 2nd Africa – India Forum Summit 2011.

-Kasinath R from Thanjavur ( Tamil Nadu) writes…

I saw the private cover of 2nd Africa – India Forum Summit 2011, created by Mr. Boben in your blog, and earlier in another philatelic site. I noticed an error in the postmark obtained at Trivandrum that, a large chunk of Indian eastern coast is missing in the postmark, which is a grave error. This must be notified to the concerned bureau and steps need to be taken to replace the postmark.

elephant front 1




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Anonymous said...

Is there a different variation in Colour of MS?

Coz the MS i got and the stamps colour are different...

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