09 May 2011

New aromatic stamp from Australia..



Date of Issue : 17 May 2011

Bush fresh ... the eucalyptus-infused stamp

Australia Post will issue a new aromatic postage stamp on 17th May  2011 with specific aromatic smell of Eucalyptus oil. The stamp has been printed by using special technique. "The eucalyptus scent is encapsulated into little bubbles and we put that into a printable varnish," Graeme Lidgerwood, the sales manager of the print firm Ego, said. "It could last forever. The scent will only wear off when you rub the surface to break the micro bubbles." The Farming Australia issue, on sale from May 17, features four 60c stamps depicting native horticultural products: bush honey, macadamia nuts, tea-tree oil and eucalyptus oil. However only one will feature the scent of a eucalypt forest embedded in what Ego calls the Scent print varnish, a technique which has been used to liven up magazine covers. The scented stamp will be  available only in a special sheet that retails for slightly above face value, at $6.45 for 10 stamps. Individual stamps (bought over the counter, or on self-adhesive rolls and booklets) , will not carry the eucalypt scent.

100 Years of Parks Canada


Date of Issue : 19 May 2011

Canada Post will issue a commemorative  postage stamp on 100 Yeas of “Parks Canada” on 19 May 2011.

Today Parks Canada is responsible for a network of 42 national parks, 167 national historic sites and four national marine conservation areas. According to Andrew Campbell, Director General of External Relations and Visitor Experience at Parks Canada, "these places provide countless opportunities for inspiration and unforgettable experiences that connect Canadians with both the riches of their shared history and nature at its very best."

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