30 June 2024

New Special Cover


26 June 2024 : Jaunpur Imarti : Jaunpur (UP)

Jaunpur Imarti

Postal Department organized a 'Special Cover and Cancellation’ release program on GI product on 26 June 2024  at Hindi Bhawan, Jaunpur. The chief guest of the program, Postmaster General of Varanasi Region, Shri Krishna Kumar Yadav released a Special Cover and Cancellation on 'Jaunpur Imarti', the first GI product of Jaunpur district that has received Geographical Indication.

Postmaster General Shri Krishna Kumar Yadav said that along with its historical value, Jaunpur has also been rich in terms of cuisine. The history of Jaunpur's Imarti dates back to the British rule period (about 200 years). It is in high demand in the country and abroad. In view of its geographical uniqueness, it has been granted Geographical Indication by the Government of India on March 30, 2024. It is the first product of Jaunpur to receive this status. Mr. Yadav said ,The special cover on it will lead to its global branding and wide publicity. This also takes forward the Prime Minister's concept of 'Vocal for Local'. The Postal Department has an important role in transmitting India's rich heritage to the next generations through postage stamps and special covers, said Mr. Yadav.

Postmaster General Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav said that 34 products around Varanasi have received GI. This is the highest in any region of the world. These GI products have an annual turnover of about twenty-five thousand crores and 20 lakh people are directly and indirectly benefited.

Postmaster General Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav also added that Jaunpur Imarti is completely different from ordinary Imarti. It is specially cooked on low flame and the ingredients used in it include Desi Sugar (Khandsari), Desi Ghee and Urad Dal. It is so soft that it melts in the mouth.

Superintendent of Post Offices Parmanand Kumar said that the said special cover with Cancellation issued on Jaunpur Imarti will be available at Jaunpur Head Post Office and Varanasi Philatelic Bureau for Rs. 25/-.

-Parmanad Kumar, Jaunpur (UP)

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