01 June 2023

Book Review : Make it Big : Inspirational and Motivational Stories of Achievers and Influencers

 Book Review

Make it Big

Inspirational and Motivational Stories of Achievers and Influencers

Conceptualized and Edited by N. Kalyani

Make it Big - Inspirational and Motivational Stories of Achievers and Influencers: Conceptualised and edited by N. Kalyani : Pages: 140 : Type: Paperback: Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan : First Edition 2023 : Available at Flipkart , Amazon and Prabhat Books  as well as with the author. The author may be contacted at email: kolu_poorni@yahoo.com  WhatsApp :  98112 08279

Make it Big is a compilation of 15 inspirational stories of achievers, revealed by themselves who have excelled in their fields because of the burning flame inside them and deep instinct of quest for a particular field which they pursued in life against all odds. These are the stories of persons from different fields and their extraordinary achievements because of their passion and perseverance and their life choices.

They are the persons who have chosen a path that was uncommon, new, challenging, and daring. It could give them fame or absolutely nothing. Sometimes it is very difficult for a young person to make a choice among many options available around them what he or she really wants to do because of the pressure of the parents, family liabilities, social pressure and many more … When we go through these stories we learn that every person has the unlimited capability of doing and achieving something new and different in life but usually, we do not have the courage to do so in life.

These are the stories of persons who took bold steps and chose unexplored paths to walk …. Their stories, of course, have become trendsetters. Their journey tells us how a common person can reach the zenith of success by pursuing the field of his / her interest in a particular field with passion and perseverance !

These are the stories of enjoying what one does and doing what one enjoys. Of loving what one does, and doing what one loves.   Their journey will inspire and motivate you to make a fresh start in life at any age and achieve what you never dreamt of in life !


From these stories, we may infer that each one of us has an unlimited potential to do something new, innovative, and offbeat ! And the sky is the limit when it comes to achievement and excellence.  But due to peer pressure, most of us are often unable to have the courage to do something different from others !

Each of the fifteen chapters in this book features one of the fifteen persons who made their life very special by achieving unimaginable success and becoming pioneers in their field. Each chapter gives a brief introduction of the person. And then follows the story that the person has written for this book. These persons are from organic farming, nature science, travel, adventure, architecture, the field of hospitality, economics, Wildlife, teaching, performing arts, and many more.

In these stories there is a stamp designer too about whom I wish to Special mention, Mr Suresh Kumar who has designed numerous postage stamps for India Post. Besides designing stamps, which makes for miniature art, he has also designed postal stationery and postmarks. He is a wildlife enthusiast and is also into wildlife photography.

As I lived for five years on the campus of the Wildlife Institute of India, had also heard about Dr AJT Johnsingh and was thrilled to read more details about him in this book…. Dr AJT Johnsingh, His passion for nature and wildlife, right from his childhood, saw Dr AJT Johnsingh making this his profession. he served as faculty at the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun for twenty years till 2005 when he retired as the dean, Faculty of Wildlife Sciences. He has the credit of walking the biodiversity-rich Western Ghats on foot. His travels into various wildlife areas, over the years, have been translated into books authored by him. A dedicated conservationist, he has actively pursued his passion post-retirement too. He is currently based in Bengaluru, and is associated with WWF-India, Nature Conservation Foundation, and The Corbett Foundation. 

There are 13 other persons whose stories are equally inspiring for everyone, This book conceptualized and  edited by N. Kalyani is a very inspirational and motivational book for persons of all age groups. The youngsters must read this book and take inspiration to do something different in life what they actually want to do but do not have confidence to pursue . All field in life is not fully explored …there is a lot to explore and have new experience !... The stories may inspire and motivate you in choosing a career, opting for a profession, and most important will help you to listen to your inner call about what you really want to do irrespective of what others ask you to do ! And you could very well be on your way to becoming an achiever and influencer yourself one day ! No one knows someone will be writing someday about you too ….

 - Jeevan Jyoti

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