10 August 2022

Scientific Achievements


Scientific Achievements of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Alva Edison

Date of Issue : 2 August 2022

Jersey Post issued a set of 6 stamps on famous scientific achievements by Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. The stamps feature Telephone, Electric Bulb, Phonograph, Metal Detector, Motion Picture Camera and Twisted pair Cable.

Scientific Achievements

2022 marks 175 years since the birth of both Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison and 100 years since the death of Bell. This issue, with art by Beatrice Garcia, celebrates the two inventors and some of their greatest inventions. Through their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, both inventors have undoubtedly shaped the world in which we live today.

A set of six stamps from on 'Scientific Achievements' from Jersey Post . Artist Beatrice Garcia depicts Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison's inventions in a painted style.

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