19 July 2021

Postcrossing 2021

Postcards from all over the world with "Postcrossing”

Date of Issue: 14 July 2021

The internet platform Postcrossing connects people worldwide through postcards. The design, created by Theresa Radlingmaier, shows stylized postcards and the happy faces of those who receive them.

Portuguese Paulo Magalhães founded "Postcrossing" in 2015 with the aim of connecting people worldwide through postcards. Anyone who registers on the online platform is sent a random address of another member. People then send a postcard to this address. As soon as the other member has received the postcard and entered it in the system, you can receive postcards yourself. The more postcards you send, the more you can receive.

In Austria, thousands of people are also already registered on Postcrossing, and worldwide over 800,000 people from more than 200 countries use the platform. By May 2021, a total of over 60 million postcards had been sent and so the plan to motivate people to write postcards and connect them in this way has worked out.

Club News

News from Philatelic Society


47 years old Central India Philatelic Society elected its new working committee. In a general meeting held on 11th July 2021 at Usha Palace, Satna (M.P.), the following office bearers were elected unanimously –

President: Mr. Sudhir Jain
Vice President: Mr. Uma Shankar Agarwal
Secretary: Mr. Rajendra Agrawal “Shashi”
Joint Secretary: Mr. Pankaj Pratap Singh
Treasurer: Mr. Manmohan Maheshwari
Joint Treasurer: Mr. Sachin Tolwani
P.R.O.: Mr. Ravi Prakash Gupta

Exhibition Convener:     Dr. Himanshu Agarwal
Working Committee: Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain, Mr. Praveen Kumar Khatri,
        Mr. Jinendra Kumar Jain, Mr. Surendra Kumar Gupta,
        Mr. Udit Tiwari, Mr. Vinay Gupta.
        Mr. Ashok Mahule, Mr. Azam Siddique

In this meeting, members decided to publish a book covering all the newspapers issued in Satna District since the beginning. Mr. Sudhir Jain displayed a collection of Permanent Pictorial Cancellations, Mr. Ravi Prakash Gupta displayed a collection of unusual special covers like silk covers etc. Mr. Pankaj Pratap Singh and Mr. Sachin Tolwani displayed Pre & Post Independence one Rupee coins. Mr. Ashok Kumar Mohale exhibited “Gandhi Chavanni (Quarter Rupee)” which was minted in Satna in the year 1942 for collecting funds for the independence movement.

It is worth to mention that the Central India Philatelic Society was established in the year 1974 and organized many National level, State level, and local Philatelic exhibitions at various places like Satna, Rewa, Bhilai, Korba, Khajuraho etc. Society arranged to issue 21 special covers and published 12 souvenirs.

Meeting concluded with condolence to senior member Mr. Kuldeepak Oberai and Mrs. Usha Jain wife of founder member Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain.

- Sudhir Jain : Satna (MP)

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