19 June 2021

New Special Cover

Launch of Azaadi ka Amurt Mahotsav India @75


KTK-20-2021 - "Azaadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav" India@75 - Shivapura Satyagraha Soudha.

Shivapura Dhwaja Satyagraha (flag Satyagraha) marked the hoisting of the tricolour flag on April 8,9,10, & 11 till of 1938 in Shivapura of Maddur taluk in Mandya District. The Rashtrakuta -Dhwaja Satyagraha was inspirational and a guiding force to the Indian Princely states in the Pre-Independence era. We commemorate this magnificent historic event of freedom struggle and the freedom fighters who participated in it.

This special cover was released to mark the launch of celebrations by Govt. of India in commemoration of 75 years of India's Independence titled "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav" , 75 weeks prior to l5th August 2022 i.e. on 12th March 2021, which is the 91st anniversary of the historic Salt Satyagraha led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Suresh.R : Bengaluru
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