25 March 2019

New Europa 2019 stamps

National Birds


Date of Issue : 9 May 2019


Selected for the national bird of Sweden for the second time. The beautiful  blackbird breeds both in the city, in the countryside and in the woods, and is found throughout the country, with the exception of the mountain range.

Date of Issue : 23 April 2019

Spain issues a Premium Sheet with six stamps, which has as protagonist the lammergeier. The flight of the bearded vulture over the Pyrenees impresses everyone who has the opportunity to see it.
This bird is adapted to live in the harsh conditions of the high mountain. Its anatomy is unmistakable. It is a large bird that can reach more than 2.80 meters.
Normally it does not emit any sound being a quite silent bird, but during the time of estrus, it produces long and piercing whistles.
Its name is due to the way it has to feed itself. It is the last link in the use of the carrion because it is nourished by bones and tendons thrown from a certain height against the rocks to cut them. The area where this activity is carried out is called "breakwater".

Andorra  ( Spanish Post )


Date of Issue : 26 April 2019

The European robin, known simply as the robin or robin redbreast in the British Isles, is a small insectivorous passerine bird, specifically a chat, that was formerly classified as a member of the thrush family but is now considered to be an Old World flycatcher.


Date of Issue : 9 May 2019

The white-tailed eagle is a very large eagle widely distributed across Eurasia. As are all eagles, it is a member of the family Accipitridae which includes other diurnal raptors such as hawks, kites, and harriers.

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