24 September 2015

Stamps on Postcrossing







Date of Issue : 7 September 2015

Postcrossing stamp  by Czech Post

Czech Post  issue a special stamp on theme “Postcrossing” ‒ a project of global exchange of postcards. This is the seventh stamp in the series The issue will be released and put into circulation on the 2nd of September.

The project aims to help people receive postcards from all over the world for free. Or almost free. The main principle is that if you send a postcard, you’ll get at least one in return from a random postcrosser anywhere in the world.

People love getting real mail. The fact that you can get postcards from different parts of the world (which you may not even have heard of) can turn your letter box into a box full of surprises ‒ and who would not like that?

The first step is to request the address of another postcrosser to whom you must send a postcard. You will receive an email with the postcrosser’s address and a postcard ID (e.g.: CZ-010101). The postcard ID uniquely identifies that postcard in the system. The addressee receives the postcard and registers it using the postcard ID.

At this point, you are eligible to receive a postcard from a different postcrosser. Initially you can have up to 5 postcards travelling at any single time. Every time one of the sent postcards is registered, you can request another address so that the number of postcards allowed to travel at any single time goes up.

From Slovenia Post


Date of Issue : 29 May 2015

Slovenia has issued a new postage stamp to honor Postcrossing, a worldwide postcard exchange community. The popular hobby has over half a million members in 216 countries and is also a big hit in Slovenia, where fans eagerly anticipated this stamp release.

The Postcrossing community celebrated the launch of the Postcrossing stamp at the Maribor main Post Office on the 29th of May. The new stamp, created by design company Villa Creativa, depicts a person jumping for joy and a map of the world with lines connecting different places.

From Russian Post


Date of Issue : 27 January 2015

Russian Post has released a special stamp from the series “Postcrossing”. The stamp was issued on the 27th of January.

Postcrossing is the union of the words “postcard” and “crossing” and its origin “is loosely-based on the Bookcrossing site”. Exchanges between the same two members only occur once; although direct swaps between members happen, they are not part of the official happenings on the site.

The project is completely free and anyone with an address can create an account. However, the postcards themselves and postage fees to mail them are the responsibility of each user.

From Guernsey Post


Date of Issue : 28 May 2015

Guernsey Post  issued its first Postcrossing stamp in celebration of a hobby enjoyed by over 470,000 people worldwide (issue date 28 May).

The Guernsey issue stamp, designed by Guernsey Post’s in-house marketing team, depicts an outline of Guernsey with a smiley face, giving the ‘thumbs up’ to the hobby of Postcrossing.

From Republic of Belarus


Belarus Post also issued a Maximum Card.



Date of Issue : 2 January 2014


From Lithuania Post


Date of Issue : 5 October 2015

Lithuania Post  released a postage stamp on 5th October 2013 dedicated to this hobby. The  stamp is named “Atvirlaiškių mainai” (Postcrossing) .The stamp for international items has been designed by Laima Matuzonytė, schoolgirl.The stamp features different postcards. The nominal value of the stamp issued in the edition of 80 thousand copies is LTL 2.45.

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