07 September 2015

Dinosaur Provincial Park stamp reissued by Canada Post



Canada Post has reissued a stamp showcasing Dinosaur Provincial Park in southeast Alberta after the original error version that depicted the image from a different part of the province.

And Brad Tucker, executive director of Canadian Badlands Tourism, couldn’t be happier with the photo used in the reprint. “One of my pictures is on a stamp”, Tucker said excitedly. “I’m not saying this because it’s my image, but I think it’s a good choice”.

He said the photograph, taken about four years ago in an area known as Valley of the Moon, features the unmistakable badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, distinct from the badlands in Drumheller or Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park. It was one of the many photos he snapped for the province when he worked for the park.

“I’m impressed with how they (Canada Post) handled this. Boy, they turned it around quickly”, he added. The original stamp was released in early July as part of Canada Post’s latest collection meant to celebrate the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and also featured Watert on-Glacier International Peace Park and Wood Buffalo National Park.

It didn’t take long for Alberta government and local tourism officials to notice that the photo of the hoodoos ‒ distinct columns of sandstone rock ‒ adorning the stamp was actually taken in East Coulee near Drumheller, about an hour-and-a-half drive northwest of the famous park.

Tucker said many people get confused because Drum heller, home of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, houses many of the fossils discovered in the park.

The postal service quickly apologized for the flub, removed the stamp from its online store and its 6,300 post offices, and reached out to parks officials for assistance in selecting a new image for the reissue. The new stamp was released Friday.

“We learned from this experience and overall we take great pride in our stamp program”, Anick Losier, Canada Post spokeswoman. “It’s world renowned so we don’t take these mistakes lightly. This is why we put a lot of effort into correcting mistakes and making sure our processes are going to be robust”.

Tim Chamberlin, Alberta Parks spokesman, said department staff supplied Canada Post with about five different photos to choose from.

“It’s a wonderful image. It’s a great depiction of one of the unique attributes that define Dinosaur Provincial Park”, Chamberlin said of the new stamp.

“We’re very pleased that Canada Post has included Alberta parks in their series. Obviously the image has the potential to reach a global audience and that could spark an interest and visits to our province and the park, which is obviously a good thing”.

Tucker said the image mix-up is a good opportunity to draw attention to Dinosaur Provincial Park and to Drumheller, adding “both are amazing places to visit”.

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