27 September 2015

Indian theme on foreign stamps


“JOY OF EUROPE”  stamp designed by Indian child


Here is a new stamp featuring Joy of Europe, designed by an Indian child. The stamp will be issued by Serbia Post on 2nd October 2015.

Children are our future, happiness and joy therefore we cherish and care about these cute little creatures. Serbia Post introduced a great stamp issue that celebrates “JOY OF EUROPE” – one of those events that underline the importance of our future generation.


“JOY OF EUROPE” is the biggest and the oldest international event of children’s creativity, organized ever since 1969 on the occasion of the Children’s Day. Every year at the beginning of October the children from a range of European countries come to Belgrade to dance, sing, act, display their works of art, but first of all, make friends and have a good time. There is almost no European country whose children have not been here as a guest at this 46-year long event “Joy of Europe”.

A part of “Joy of Europe” since 1998 has been the international art competition under the same name, with the topic always being “The Dictionary of Friendship”. A great writer and children’s friend Duško Radović put together fifteen universal symbols (child, Europe, bread, play, book, love, mother, peace, father, song, friend, bird, joy, freedom, sun) connecting children all around the world by dancing, singing and finally by image.

For the fourteenth time since its foundation, the exhibition of the International Art Competition presents the most successful works of young artists from Serbia and abroad who with their colourful palette of artwork make the international event Joy of Europe even more beautiful. Every year, the prized works evidence the authenticity of visual culture of childhood, developing sensibility of both the audience and the professional public for this form of artistic expression.

At the contest, the children works are divided into five categories for children between five and eighteen. Over the time, the contest expanded much beyond the boundaries of Europe, bringing together children and youth from the entire world. The best works find their place also on the special issue stamp “Joy of Europe”.

This year, the work of ten-year-old child from India, Dhanui Mihirbhai Doshi, the winner of the art competition, is used as a template for the art solution of the stamp. The art work of six-year-old Konstatin Krnjić from Serbia, found its place on a vignette, and as a motif on the envelope are also shown the works of Alice Panchal (5 years) from Australia, Tomaš Kaleja (13 years) from Slovakia, Lora Muteva (10 years) from Bulgaria and Tomaš Bilý (13 years) from Slovakia.



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