15 December 2014

New stamps from Sri Lanka


Christmas 2014

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Date of Issue : 30 November 2014

Here are new stamps issued by Sri Lanka Post. Two stamps and a Miniature sheet was issued for this year’s Christmas on 30th November 2014. A beautiful stamp was issued on World Children’s day with a theme “ We have right to Leisure ”.On World Post Day a special stamp was also issued  featuring different services of Sri Lanka Post.


World Children’s day


Date of Issue : 1 October 2014

World Post Day


Date of Issue : 9 October 2014

- Pradip Jain – Patna

Club News

Teacher joins crusade with a stamp


Prakash Vaithyanathan, a science teacher, is attempting to create awareness of the 'Swachh Bharat' campaign with a stamp

The message behind the ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign may be huge, but Prakash Vaithyanathan, a science teacher, is attempting to capture it all in a stamp. This Adyar resident, who has been a cleanliness crusader for some years, has decided to design a stamp to reach out to more people.

“I chose to design the stamp with the charming Taj Mahal and ‘Swachh Bharat’ written in the tri-colour backdrop. Stamps are an easy way to constantly remind people of their duty towards keeping the environment clean,” said Mr. Vaithyanathan. He had a small collection published under the ‘My Stamp’ scheme.“I have requested postal officials and the Central government to bring out stamps to carry the campaign forward,” he said.

Meanwhile, the department of posts too is considering introducing slogans in electronic franking impressions of stamps. Mervin Alexander, postmaster general (Chennai city region), said, “Electronic franking is used for bulk dispatch of letters. We are considering printing slogans on clean environment.”

On suggestions to release stamps with social messages, he said, every year, 40 commemorative stamps are released. A philatelic advisory committee decides the themes for postage stamps of various denominations. “We will scrutinise the requests,” he said.

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- Mahesh Parekh , Chennai

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