05 December 2014

New stamps from Germany


Christmas 2014

image image

Date of Issue : 3 November 2014

1. Star of Bethlehem - stamp from  sheetlet with perforation  2. Star of Bethlehem -stamp  from booklet : imperf.

German Post issued new stamps on 3rd November 2014 featuring Star of Bethlehem and a beautiful Snowman stamp for winter festive season.These stamps are available in perforate and imperforate self sticking forms.


Winter Holiday stamps 

image image

3. Snowman – stamp from sheetlet with perforation  4. Snowman – stamp  from booklet : Imperf.

Courtesy -  Shrikant Parikh , Ahmedabad

Sea Trout


Date of Issue : 4 December 2014

Here is another new postage issued by German Post under the name “Sea Trout”. The stamp contains image of sea trout – one of the most popular fish species in Europe. The issue was released on the 4th of December.

The sea trout, also widely known as ‘white trout’ or ‘Breac Geal’ in Gaelic, can be found in rivers, loughs and estuaries throughout Ireland. Sea trout are, in fact, brown trout that have developed a taste for going to sea because of the increased availability of food. Adult sea trout are hard fighting sporting fish which can be caught by all methods in rivers and in loughs, but give particularly exciting sport to the fly fisher.

They range in size from small fish of three quarters of a pound known locally as ‘finnock’, to specimens weighing six pounds and over. They are popular with anglers because of their strong fighting qualities and the fact that they fight tenaciously all the way to the landing net. In most fisheries the first sea trout of the season are the larger individual fish which arrive in April. As the season progresses they are followed by shoals of smaller fish.

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