13 December 2014

Hong Kong 2015




image Mr Ajay Kumar Mittal has been appointed National Commissioner for HONG KONG-2015 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition) going to be held from 20th November to 23rd November 2015.

Philatelists are requested to send  following details of the Exhibit they wish to participate with.

  1. Last Exhibition Participated
  2. Level of the Exhibition : International/Asian/International/State
  3. Award won in the exhibition
  4. No. of frames

Last date of complete forms  to be sent to the national commissioner  is 20th February 2015. Please contact :

Ajay Kumar Mittal

​National Commissioner

​HONG KONG 2015​

D-57 South Extension Part-1
New Delhi-110049
Mobile : 9811032311, 9311332311
Email :



HONG KONG 2015, 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition (hereafter referred to as HONG KONG 2015) is organized with the following objectives:-

- to expand and develop friendly relations and close cooperation among FIAP members.

- to promote every aspect of philately in the FIAP region.


HONG KONG 2015 is organized by Hong Kong Philatelic Society and Hong Kong Post is the main sponsor of the event.

HONG KONG 2015 will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

HONG KONG 2015 will open on 20 November 2015 and close on 23 November 2015, total of 4 days.


HONG KONG 2015 (31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition) will be organized under the patronage of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP).

Dr. Prakob Chirakiti of Thailand is the FIAP Co-ordinator of HONG KONG 2015.


Mr. William Kwan FRPSL, President of the Hong Kong Philatelic Society is the Commissioner General of HONG KONG 2015.


  • Competitive stamp exhibitions from FIAP member countries

  • FIAP Grand Prix Club, HONG KONG 2015 Patron's Club and other invited exhibits in the Court of Honour

  • Philatelic passport for datestamping at the sales booths

  • Hongkong Post temporary post office and sales counters

  • Philatelic seminars

  • Guided tours of the exhibits

  • Youth corner

Website : http://www.hongkong2015stampexpo.com/webpage/About%20HK2015.htm



6.1 The  Regulations  governing the  conditions  of the  application  and  acceptance  are stated  in the 
articles 10, 11 and 12 of the GREX. 
6.2 Exhibitors must  obtain their  Exhibit  Application  Forms from their  Commissioners.   A separate 
Exhibit Application Form should be used for each exhibit. 
6.3 When  submitting  the  Exhibit  Application  Form,  the  exhibitor  shall  attach  a  copy  of  the 
introductory page, describing the exhibit (in English). 
6.4 Duly filled Exhibit Application  Forms should be sent through their Commissioners to reach the 
Organizing Committee by 15 March 2015. 
6.5 Notification of acceptance from the Organizing Committee, together with the number of frames 
allocated to exhibitors, will be sent to their Commissioners by 20 May 2015. 
6.6 Exhibitors  cannot withdraw their applications without valid reasons once their participation has 
been accepted by the Organizing Committee. 
6.7 The Commissioners will collect all the frame fees from their exhibitors, and remit the full amount to 
the Organizing Committee of Hong Kong 2015 by 20 August 2015 at the latest. The remittance 
should be made payable to “The Hong Kong Philatelic Society” and mail to:‐ 
The Hong Kong Philatelic Society, c/o HONG KONG 2015, G.P.O. Box 446, Hong Kong  
6.8 There is only ONE ENTRY FORM.  There are no preliminary and final entry forms. 

HONG  KONG  2015  (31st  Asian  International  Stamp  Exhibition)  is  a General  Asian  International  Stamp 
The Classification of the Exhibition Classes is as follows: 
7.1  Group I  Non‐Competitive Class
    Court of Honour 
7.2  Group II  Competitive Classes
  Class 1   FIAP Championship Class for collections that have been awarded  
    three FIP / FIAP large gold medals at the exhibitions patronized 
  by FIP / FIAP over the past 10 years (2006‐2015) 
  Class 2   Traditional Philately 
1) China 
2) Asia and Australasia 
3) The Rest of the World 
Class 3   Postal History 
1) China 
2) Asia and Australasia 
3) The Rest of the World 
Class 4   Postal Stationery 
Class 5   Aerophilately 
Class 6   Astrophilately 
Class 7   Thematic Philately 
    Exhibits will be classified under: 
A) Nature 
B) Culture 
C) Technology 
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub‐class (A, B or 
C) the exhibit is entering. 
Class 8   Maximaphily          3
Class 9   Revenue  
Class 10  Youth Philately
1) Collectors aged 10 – 15 years 
2) Collectors aged 16 – 18 years 
3) Collectors aged 19 – 21 years 
(As of January 01, 2015) 
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub‐class (1, 2 or 
3) the exhibit is entering. 
  Class 11  Literature 
1) Philatelic books, pamphlets and studies (issued after January 01, 2010) 
2) Philatelic journals, periodicals (issued after January 01, 2013) 
3) Stamp catalogues (issued after January 01, 2013) 
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub‐class (1, 2 or 
3) the exhibit is entering. 
Class 12  One‐Frame Exhibit 
    Exhibits in this Class should not be One Frame extracted from a multiple frame  
    Exhibit and should be based on a narrow subject that is best treated as One Frame.        
Exhibits are also welcome from novice exhibitors who are developing a subject which 
is capable of expanding to more than One Frame in the near future.   Awards are 
represented  by  CERTIFICATES  only.  Certificate  of  Participation  will  be  given  to 
exhibits attaining less than 60 points. 
Exhibits will be classified under: 
A) Traditional 
B) Postal History 
C) Postal Stationery 
D) Aerophilately 
E) Astrophilately 
F) Thematic 
G) Maximaphily 
H) Revenue 
* Please indicate clearly in the Exhibit Application Form as to the sub‐class (A ‐ H) 
the exhibit is entering. 
  Class 13  Modern Philately (of the 21st Century) 
The objectives are to encourage collectors of Modern Philatelic materials to exhibit 
at the highest level and to demonstrate to the Postal Administrations that there are 
an extensive body of philatelists who collect and study materials issued by them in 
the 21st century (2001‐today). 
The Organizing Committee is making this class available for exhibits complying with 
the  FIP special regulations for (A)  Traditional Philately, (B) Postal History  and (C) 
Postal Stationery. 
Qualifying exhibits for the Modern Philately must contain philatelic materials issued 
by the Postal authorities in the 21st century.  Stamp series of philatelic topics chosen 
for this class which were substantially issued on/after 2001 are qualified as topics for 
the  Modern  Philately.   However, the  exhibit may  include  a small  percentage  of 
material issued pre‐2001 that is important and relevant to the exhibit.

8.1 The display frames will have a capacity for 16 (4 x 4) standard size sheets of 23cm x 29cm. 
8.2 Sheets larger than 23cm x 29cm as well as black or dark colored sheets will not be accepted. 
8.3 Exhibits in the Competitive Classes will be allocated the following number of frames: 
Class   1             8 frames 
Class   2 – 9   Previously awarded 
a) FIP / FIAP Large Vermeil and above  8 frames 
b) FIP / FIAP Vermeil and below    5 frames 
Class   10.1             1 – 3 frames 
            10.2             2 – 4 frames 
            10.3             3 – 5 frames 
Class   11  Literature Exhibits must be sent to the Organizing Committee in  
Class  12  One Frame Exhibit       1 frame 
Class  13  Modern Philately (of the 21st Century)  3 or 5 frames 
8.4 Exhibitors cannot change the number of frames allocated by the Organizing Committee.  

9.1 There is no participation fee for Non‐Competitive Class and Youth Philately Class. 
9.2 The participation fee for Competitive Classes (except Class 10, 11 & 12) will be US$50 per frame. 
9.3 The fee for participation in Literature (Class 11) is US$50 per exhibit. 
9.4 The fee for participation in One‐Frame Exhibit (Class 12) is US$75 per exhibit.

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