26 December 2014

Malaysia 2014 – A report



Malaysia 2014

image - A report by Prof. Sahadeva Sahoo, Commissioner for India

Malaysia 2014 was a composite exhibition of two divisions -‘World Youth Stamp Exhibition’ and ‘29th Asian International Stamp Exhibition’- held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Hall 1 & 2 from 1 December to 6 December 2014, the first was under auspices of FIP and the second with patronage of FIAP. There were 455 frames in World Youth and 238 frames in FIAP divisions. World Youth division included general i.e., open classes on three categories of Thematic Philately viz.,Nature (92), Culture (96 frames) and Technology (87 frames) as well as Modern Philately (26 frames). Thus the World Youth exhibition was partly General World Exhibition. Taken together the whole exhibition was comparable to a larger Indian State level exhibition. Another aspect was conspicuous that there was no involvement of the customs authorities in receipt and return of exhibits – a fact which made Malaysia 2014 unique and it remains to be seen if any other country follows this system and if any other government closes its eyes to the system of temporary export of collections having items requiring items more than 100 years old.

As the national commissioner I had difficulties in getting higher medal winning entries as the expenditure in obtaining ASI clearance and subsequent Insurance charges were prohibitive. Nevertheless I could get application for 22 entries in time but the organizers for reasons of paucity of space reduced to 11 entries besides not accepting one vermeil medal winning entry on ground of Malaysian law. No entries went without any award. Trouble was greater as the Organisers depended on paperless internet correspondences which restricted entries to computer-savvy candidates.



World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014

Participant -  Exhibit – Frames – Marks - Medal

Aditya Kiran Das – Bangladesh - 3 frames -  65 points -  Silver Bronze

Raghav Jhunjhunwalla - The different aspects of the world of cricket  - 70 points - Silver

Mrinal Mathur - From Wheel to Car  - 4 frames - 61points -  Bronze

Biraj Laxmi Mohanty - Raptors of the World -  5 frames -  65 - Silver Bronze


29th FIAP Asian International Stamp Exhibition 

Narendra Kumar Saboo - Portuguese India – 5 Frames – 75 points - Large Silver

Pradip Mohanty Early -  Indian Cancellations 1854-99 – 5 Frames - 83points -  Vermeil

Praful Thakkar - Collector’s Guide to FDCs & Folders of India with set of stamps, se-tenant stamps & Miniature Sheets - 68 points - Silver Bronze

Praful Thakkar -  Collector’s Guide to FDCs & Folders of India 1947-64 - 67 points - Silver Bronze

Satyendra Kumar Agrawal -  History of Indian Miniature Paintings Through Philately -  61points -  Bronze

Rajesh Jhunjhunwalla - The Great Quetta Earthquake - ONE frame - 71 Points

Biraj Laxmi Mohanty - Indian Languages in Fiscals of India - ONE frame - 66 points

The certificates are yet to be distributed as they could not got signed by the Chairman of the Jury as he went home before the time for personal reasons.

The weather in Kuala Lumpur was salubrious though it was drizzling sometimes. The clean air and bright sunshine made up the mood for the exhibition. Coming after almost 20 years gap in the country the Malaysia 2014 was a grand success.


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