09 December 2014

Christmas decorations




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Date of Issue : 10 December 2014

Here are new stamps featuring Christmas decorations. The new set of stamps from Niue   consists of four stamps Each stamp features different traditional Christmas tree baubles overlaid with motifs found on Niuean hiapo (tapa cloth) as well as the Niuean phrase ‘Monuina e Kilisimasi’ (‘Merry Christmas’).

Weaving is a traditional art form in Niue, with the knowledge of weaving being passed down through elders and family members to the younger generation. The 2014 Niue Christmas stamp issue features Niuean weaving designs incorporated into traditional Christmas decorations.



Date of Issue : 18 November 2014

Here is  a beautiful  stamp from Hungary  featuring decorated Christmas tree. Christmas tree is an important part of Christmas festival. It is decorated in various ways using small beautiful objects.

In pre-Christian times evergreen plants and trees held special significance for ancient peoples in winter, and they were revered in the traditions of Germanic, Roman, Egyptian and Celtic culture. Just as people set up Christmas trees today, these peoples adorned the doors and windows of their homes with evergreen branches because they believed that this warded off witches, ghosts and evil spirits, and protected the household from illness.

The tradition of putting up a tree at Christmas spread in Germany in the 16th century. The first Christmas tree in Budapest was probably erected by Therese Countess von Brunsvik in 1824 but the Podmaniczky and Bezerédy families played a major role in the custom becoming widespread. The new fashion was quickly adopted in the cities. During Advent in the 1860s fir tree sales were held in Budapest.


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