08 May 2014

New Europa 2014 stamps



Date of Issue : 7 May 2014

Here are new stamps on Europa 2014 theme from Monaco, Cyprus (Turkish Post) and Germany.This year, the theme of the Europa best stamp competition is “ National Music Instruments”. The mandolin ( featured on Monaco stamp) plays an essential role in Monegasque traditions. It accompanies the dancing of the folk group, La Palladienne de Monaco.

Cyprus (Turkish Post)

image image

Date of Issue: 23 May 2014



Date of Issue: 8 May 2014

Club News

Latest issue of  'Vadophil' (No. 138)  newsletter of Baroda Philatelic Society, edited by Mr Prashant Pandya has been released. It is available at :  http://vadophil.org/Vadophil138.pdf



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