13 May 2014

Mother’s Day stamp from Mexico



Correos de Mexico issued a stamp to celebrate Mother’s Day 2014.Mother’s Day (El Dia de la Madre) is a popular celebration for mothers and mother figures across Mexico on May 10. Mothers and mother figures are given flowers, cards, candy, and other gifts that symbolize appreciation, respect and love.

It is a bittersweet day for moms of missing children (desaparecidos). Groups of these mothers protested on Mother’s Day, calling for the government to help find their children, in previous years.

Mother’s Day is an observance and not a public holiday in Mexico. However, some public offices have been known to close early in the afternoon so employees can spend some of the day with their mothers.

The first official Mother’s Day celebration in Mexico was held on May 10, 1922. The celebration soon took on religious undertones, with images of the Madonna and Child being displayed on Mother’s Day. The day has gained widespread popularity over the years. It is also celebrated in other countries worldwide.

New Europa 2014  stamps



The common theme chosen by the Federation of European Postal Services is “national music instruments”. While the zither is synonymous with an Alpine tradition, it has gained a foothold in modern ensembles as well.

The zither is a musical string instrument, consisting of many strings stretched across a thin, flat body. It is played by strumming or plucking the strings, either with one’s fingers, or using a tool called a plectrum. Like a guitar or lute, a zither’s body serves as a sound box, but unlike them, a zither has no neck. The number of strings varies, from as few as twelve to more than fifty.

The term “zither” organologically refers to a broad family of Eurasian musical instruments, but in modern usage most commonly refers to one of three specific instruments: the concert zither and its variant the Alpine zither and the fretless (or “guitar”) zither.

Here are some more stamps with exquisite designs featuring Europa 2014 theme , National Musical Instruments rrom Greece and Ireland.



Date of Issue: 19th May 2014


image image

Date of Issue : 8 May 2014

Club News

Stamps to be issued by India Post in May – June 2014


: Sreejesh Krishnan - Trivandrum

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