25 May 2014

Baby wildlife on new Canadian stamps



Date of Issue : 31 March 2014

Here is Baby Wildlife series from Canada Post featuring five cute baby animals,the baby beaver, mountain goat, puffin, wapiti and burrowing owl.

About the animals

At birth, adorable baby beavers already have thick fur, sharp teeth and open eyes. They can see, hear, walk and even swim. After two years, kits leave the colony.

Mountain goat mothers bear their kids on the isolated ledges of the dangerous rocky terrain they call home. Just three days after birth, horns start to show and soon after, the kid is ready to explore and play with other youngsters.

Puffin males prepare burrows on ocean cliffs with grass, twig and feather linings. After 40 days, the 40-gram chick hatches and some five weeks later, takes its first flight at night.

Burrowing owl parents assure the comfort of their chicks by lining the burrow in feathers, dried plants and dry shredded cow manure. By August, the chicks begin living independently as they prepare for the annual migration to the south.

Wapiti – sometimes known as elk in North America – are born in May or early June after a gestation period of just over eight months. After birth, the cow hides her newborn until it can run if threatened.

Older pictorial cancellation and stationery (postcard) from Germany available



In 1994 was issued a pictorial postmark featuring a Stagbeetle and a stationery (postcard) featuring two Stagbeetles in the forest of Spessart in Germany.Interested philatelists may please contact:
Wolfgang Beyer,Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ARGE ZOOLOGIE.Mail:
Wolfgang.beyer1@aol.de. or Mr.Wolfgang Hoelzl Mail: Wolfgang.Hoelzl@i-ng.org. It ´s in greater quantity available as offer from a  sheltered workshop for a good cause.
Courtesy : Mr.Wolfgang Hoelzl, member of staff  from a sheltered workshop at Piding(Germany).


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