04 May 2014

Live Healthy with good food…




Date of Issue : 18 April 2014

Here are new stamps from Romania Post on healthy food. Approaching in the wide range of philatelic themes, an issue of public interest concerning a balanced nutrition, Romfilatelia develops a new project dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, by introducing into circulation the postage stampsissue: Live healthy! Romanian traditions.

Customary for a healthy and varied alimentation, the products illustrated on these postage stamps suggest the idea that by consuming locally prepared traditional dishes in a proper combination, while avoiding at the same time overeating, this philatelic issue gives the message : Live healthy! Romanian traditions, and also the doctors recommendations that eating in excess can have health consequences.

The four postage stamps of the philatelic issue illustrate some of the traditional dishes that can be found on Romanians’ tables on Holidays.

The postage stamp with the face value of Leu 1 reproduces the image of an assortment of cozonac and red eggs.

The postage stamp with the face value of Lei 3.60 reproduces the image of an assortment of fish on fir-tree branches.

The postage stamps with the face value of Lei 4.50 and Lei 8.10 reproduce the images of roasted lamb with season vegetables, and traditional dairy products.


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