09 May 2014

Centennial of the 1914 Komagata Maru incident



Canada Post marks the centennial of the 1914 Komagata Maru incident with a $2.50 international-rate stamp issued May 1 in a booklet of six.

On May 23, 1914, the Japanese freighter Komagata Maru arrived in the harbor of Vancouver, British Columbia, with 376 passengers from India on board — 340 Shiks, 24 Muslims and 12 Hindus — seeking to immigrate to Canada. Before the incident ended almost five months later, only 20 were allowed to enter Canada, and another 19 were killed upon their return to India.

Designer Mark Summers created the artwork for the stamp. The Komagata Maru stamp was printed by Canadian Bank Note by five-color offset lithography on Tullis Russell paper, with general tagging on all four sides. The booklet stamps have serpentine die cuts on all four sides. The printing quantity for the issue is 1.5 million booklet stamps.

- Dr SK Sondhi – Ludhiana

New Europa 2014 stamp from Poland


Date of Issue : 5 May 2014


Europa 2014 Theme - National Musical Instruments


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