13 April 2014

Sign language on stamps



Date of Issue : 8 April 2014

Israel Post issued a stamp sheet  of 10  definitive stamps on Israeli Sign Language. Israel is home to some 750,000 people who are deaf and hard of hearing, approximately 15,000 of whom use sign language.The signs that appear on the stamps are presented as images comprised of a hand shape and the location of the sign. The tabs of the stamps also show different expressions of sign language.

Wedding stamp from Israel

Another beautiful definitive stamp issued by Israel  Post  feature Wedding greetings.


Greetings (Definitive Stamp) Mazal Tov for Marriage Stamp Sheet

The Mazal Tov wedding stamp ( definitive ) has been issued as My Own stamp sheet. Each sheet contains 12 pairs of stamps ( postage stamp with personalized tab ) and the sheet also serves as a gift - both personal and official.

Club News

Special Cover on Jainism

A special cover  will be released to mark Mahavir Jayanti on 19th April at Mumbai.


- Kapil Gorgi – Mumbai

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