25 April 2014

450th Birth Anniversary of William Shakespeare



Date of Issue : 23 April 2014

Croatian Post  has issued a commemorative postage stamp on 23 April 2014 in a sheet of 10 stamps, maximum card (MC), postmark and First Day Cover (FDC) featuring ‘Romeo Juliet’ to commemorate William Shakespeare’s 450th Birth Anniversary.

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616), the great English writer and the most performed worldwide dramatist whose work has been translated to all languages of the world. His work hasn’t just deeply reverberated in worldwide theatres, but also in other artistic fields such as music, paintings and film. It is assumed that he had written 34 dramas, 154 sonnets and a couple of songs.

His early work was written with exuberant language and lots of humor, focused on political problems or love stories in which he celebrates youth and freedom. Amongst them, the most famous drama is “Romeo and Juliet”, a love story about unhappy lovers from Verona. The beginning of Shakespeare’s mature time of artistic creation was the beginning of the 17th century through which he regenerated European and world literature. Particularly stands out the tragedy “Hamlet” which came along at the end of the Renaissance era, in which he points out the inability of man to exterminate evil.

Thence, “Othello”, “Antony and Cleopatra”, “Macbeth” and “King Lear”, work that reveals the beginning and end of human nature and fate. In his later artistic creation, so called dark comedies or problematic drama arise amongst which the most popular are “Troilus and Cressida” and “Measure for measure”. In these dramas prevails irony and loathing over human levity and villainy and compromise in social lives.

The latest Shakespeare drama brings readers a world filled with ghosts and unusual events, dramatic plots and conflicts are solved in a miraculous and fairy-tale manner, the characters are not realistic, but are more like characters from fairy-tales and folk stories. The end of Shakespeare’s artistic creation is variously graded. One says that the author has exhausted his creative energy, and others say that Shakespeare has greeted the end of his life in calm and forgiving manner and in a visional depiction of life as a dream.

New stamps on Orchids


Date of Issue : 11 April 2014

The colourfulness of spring has once again found its place on postage stamps of the Republic of Croatia. As it has recently issued a souvenir sheet with the motifs of nature on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Botanical Garden in Zagreb, Croatian Post issued on   April, 11th  new commemorative postage stamps from the long-time series Croatian Flora.  This year three postage stamps are adorned with the motifs of three endemic Croatian orchids. For their beauty, the orchids are often named the queens of spring and the spleen of spring is brought us on stamps by:

Mt. Dinara-orchid (stamp of nominal value of 2.80 HRK) belongs to the most numerous genus Ophrys in Croatian flora. It grows from the middle of May to the end of June on dry lawns, in shrubberies and bright groves. It is spread also in great number of populations

Istrian serapias (stamp of nominal value of 2.80 HRK) Istrian serapias blossoms in May and June on the meadows and in bushes in the south of Istria. By the number of species (about 80) and the density of populations the Istrian peninsula counts among the richest orchid habitats in Europe and the veritable paradise of this lovely flower is in the farthest south of Istria – the Cape Kamenjak.

Liburnian orchid (stamp of nominal value of 3.10 HRK) is an Illyric-Adriatic endemic plant spread on a very small area. It blossoms already in March in small number of habitats along the Croatian coastline, from Istria to Korčula.

Club News

Stamp exhibition on Indian Cinema

All the philatelists and friends are requested   to attend the function on occasion of Actor Sri Shivaram contribution to Kannada Cinema.   There will be a photo exhibition on actor Sri Shivaram and  small philately exhibition on Indian Cinema  on 26th & 27th April  2014 organished by Suchitra Film Society. Banashankari 2nd stage Bangalore .
For more details contact Suchitra film society Phone Number  080 26711785.

- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore

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