02 April 2014

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Hi !

I have just published April 2014 Issue of Rainbow Stamp News on Blog. It could be viewed at following links :





New Pictorial cancellation from Germany


On May 4th 2014 a new pictorial cancellation will be issued in 98530 ROHR.The cancellation is featuring a Eurasian Green Woodpecker(Picus viridis)-Bird of the Year 2014 in Germany.Interested

philatelists may please contact: Wolfgang Beyer, Vice Chairman of the German Philatelic Collector Group ARGE ZOOLOGIE. Mail:Wolfgang.beyer1@aol.de. Postage rates: 0,75 Euro AIRMAIL , 2,90 Euro Registered  AIRMAIL.
Mrs.Christiane Kellermann( German Philatelic Collector Group BSV Meiningen e.V.)

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