09 April 2014

New Stamps from San Marino




Date of Issue : 17 March 2014

On 17th March 2014 San Marino Post issued 4 different issues depicting Music, Sports and Law  themes.


The theme of PostEurop 2014 is dedicated to the National musical instruments. The € 0.70 stamp shows a trumpet, while the € 0.85 value depicts a typical horn, two musical instruments of San Marino. Each value has the caption “National musical instruments”. The designer inserted in the trumpet of the € 0.70 value the reflection of the First Tower, one of the three “feathers” symbol of Mount Titano. The horn of the € 0.85 stamp shows the reflection of the Palazzo Pubblico of San Marino, which is the Government Building, where official State ceremonies take place and it is the seat of the Republic's main institutional and administrative bodies.


40th Anniversary of the Declaration of Rights Law

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Declaration of Rights Law No. 59 of 8th July 1974, the Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico issued asouvenir sheet with two stamps of € 2.50. The set shows many hands directed in unison towards the bright and constituent light of the Rights. Each arm, outstretched towards the guarantees the Republic of San Marino ensures to its citizens, represents symbolically one of the fundamental elements of the Declaration: social security, study, international law, work, equality, freedom and family.


35th World Convention of the International Confederation of Sport fishing

The stamp has been issued on the occasion of the 35th World Convention of the International Confederation of Sportfishing, held in San Marino on April 3rd - 6th, 2014 and organized by the Sportfishing Federation of San Marino, with more than 120 participants coming from 60 countries. The bright value designed by Costazza shows the theme of sportfishing in a creative way with hooks, floats and coloured fishes. Below the logo of the 35th C.I.P.S. Congress, the caption “35° CONGRESSO MONDIALE DI PESCA SPORTIVA”; the writing “San Marino”, the “0.85” value, the printing house and the name of the designer complete the stamp.

Made in San Marino


The series that celebrates the most important companies of San Marino has started in 2012 and this year it goes on with a € 0.70 stamp dedicated to Colorificio Sammarinese. The designer Esploratori dello spazio highlights with number 70 the 70 years of activity of this “Made in San Marino” historic firm. Since 1944 passion, innovation and experience have marked the industriousness of a group which is distinguished by research. It is a leading company in the sector at the national and international level and it has a manufacturing plant of 30,000 square meters since 1976. The number 70 is made up of coloured paint pots. The descriptive strip of the sheet shows an old picture of one of the first signs of Colorificio and a brief history of the company.

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