14 April 2014

New stamps on Ships and Explorers..


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The new set of four stamps from the Tristan da Cunha Post Office depicts Arctic and Antarctic Explorers and Personalities who have journeyed in Tristan waters. Each stamp depicts an image of one of these seafarers together with the ship most closely associated with them and Tristan da Cunha.

35p – James Weddell and “Jane”

Born in 1787 and although initially a member of the Royal Navy (1796–1815) where he rose to the rank of Master, he left and became a Merchant Mariner. In 1819 he persuaded the owners of the Brig Jane to entrust him with command of a sealing expedition to the South Shetland Islands and having returned with a full hold, he was able to persuade the owners to let him return on a second mission.

45p – George Nares and “HMS Challenger”

Having spent 27 years in the Royal Navy and having reached the rank of Captain, George Nares was given command of the Challenger expedition of 1872–76. This scientific exercise made many discoveries which were to lay the foundation of oceanography.

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70p – Carsten Borchgrevink and “SS Antarctic”

Carsten Borchgrevink was an Anglo-Norwegian born in Norway in 1864.At the age of 24 he migrated to Australia and in 1893 he signed on to the Norwegian whaling and sealing vessel Antarctic under Leonard Kristensen.

Over the course of two years of travel they visited Tristan da Cunha, and many points further South. Their landing at Cape Adare (originally named by Captain James Ross) was the first confirmed landing on the Antarctic continental mainland and Borchgrevink claimed that he was actually the first human to set foot there, although this was disputed by two others in the company.

£1.50p – Dr Alexander Macklin and “Quest”

Alexander Macklin was born in India in 1889, the son of a Doctor and he was of course to follow in his father’s footsteps.Soon after qualifying he applied to join Sackleton’s Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition and was accepted as one of two doctors. As well as his surgeon’s duties he was put in charge of the ship’s dogs and was also assigned a team of sledge dogs to drive.

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A Booklet on MY STAMP


A Booklet on MY STAMP - Philately-Encyclopaedia of knowldge & Fun, by

India Post, Phlatelic Bureau, Patna , was released by Dr R.S. Gandhi a noted philatelist on 12th April 2014.

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