22 October 2013

New stamps from Italy..



The Holy Christmas 2013


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Date of Issue : 20 October 2013

Here are some new stamps from Italy. This new  stamp of the value of € 0.85 depicts a typical Christmas greeting card, with its envelope, on which Christmas decorations and a ballpoint pen are highlighted. The words "MERRY CHRISTMAS" appear on the envelope. The cancellation for this issue is very special and beautiful.

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Date of Issue : 20 October 2013

This Christmas  stamp of the value of € 0.70 reproduces the painting titled "S.Joseph with the Child ", made by Guido Reni around 1635 and preserved in the Diocesan Museum of Milan.

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Date of Issue : 19 October 2013

Italian Post issued a stamp to celebrate the Archimedean Year. The stamp reproduces a table of numbers “pi Greek” with the first decimal digits, a geometric construction from the book “On the sphere and cylinder”, a drawing taken from the “Book of Lemmas” and the letter “pi” (“π”) of the Greek alphabet, also called Archimedes number that represents the ratio between a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The cancellation featuring symbols is beautifully designed.

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