31 October 2013

New stamps from Croatia


Explorers and world travellers

Seljan Brothers


Date of Issue  : 15 October 2013

Croatian Post issued a  commemorative postage stamp dedicated to brothers Mirko and Stevo Seljan.

The names of Mirko and Stevo Seljan, explorers and world travellers have been preserved not only in literature and in titles of museum collections but also in the names of streets, schools, associations as well as in the name of one military station in Ethiopia, which they founded while they were in service of the Emperor Menelic II. The Seljan brothers grew up in Karlovac, a town which has also earlier seen world travellers, and their fondness of adventures was expressed already at an early age. Especially distinguished was Mirko, who after serving the military service in Romania worked as land surveyor in the basins of the rivers Danube and Neva. He travelled through Europe and spoke all major languages and in 1898 won the title Champion of Globetrotter – in only 110 days he walked the whole way from St. Petersburg to Paris.

440th Anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt


Date of Issue : 11 October 2013

On 11 October 2013 Croatian Post issued a souvenir sheet to commemorate the 440th Anniversary of the Peasant’s Revolt. The souvenir sheet and the stamp depict the motif of the monument to Peasants’ Revolt, a work by the sculptor Antun Augustinčić.



Day when candles and paraffin lamps were replaced by gas light

Commemorative Postage Stamp 150th Anniversary of the Introduction of Gas Network System in Zagreb issued by Croatian Post.  The motif of the stamp is a gas lamp in Zagreb Upper Town.


Best friends of numerous yachtsmen



Date of Issue : 26 September 2013

Croatian Post issued three new postage stamps from the set Lighthouses on 26 September 2013 .

Pločica (stamp of face value of 4.60 HRK) is situated six nautical miles south from the island Hvar. The position of the islet was ideal for navigation signalling in the sea corridor which connects the channel of Pelješac and the channel of Korčula.

Stončica (stamp of face value of 5.80 HRK) is a huge lighthouse building in the north-east promontory of the island of Vis adorned by one of the tallest towers of the Adriatic.

Sućuraj (stamp of face value of 7.60 HRK) was built in the most eastern promontory of the island of Hvar.  In the twilight the silhouette of the today automated lighthouse vanishes in a hundred years old pine tree wood in its background.

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