23 October 2013

Celebrating Abilities of Children with Disabilities


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Pos Malaysia and UNICEF have joined forces to create a special set of stamps to celebrate the abilities of children with disabilities. The artwork featured on each of the three stamps were created by children with disabilities in Malaysia within the nationwide “Colours of My World” art contest, organised by Kakikreatif, Pos Malaysia and UNICEF.

Children between the ages of 13 and 17 years old who have been diagnosed with a physical, sensory or developmental disability are invited to submit their original artwork to illustrate their life, as well as their dreams and hopes for themselves and for Malaysia.

The three winning artworks displayed on the new stamps by Pos Malaysia are:

One Malaysia by IntanSyafienazBinti Mohamad Bakhid; 17 years old, Sitiawan, Perak; Physical Disability (Progressive Muscular Dystrophy):

“As a disabled child, I always want to get along with all the different ethnic groups (in Malaysia) that have good health. There are many disabled children in Malaysia just like me. They need help. Different people have difference abilities and weaknesses.”

Friendship World by Lovira Jospely 14 years old, Penampang, Sabah; Sensory disability (Deaf):

“This is the story about the deaf world. We are Malaysians and nothing can differentiate us as long as we have the heart and hands to listen and express it. We live in a harmonious world in which I have many friends from different cultures. People always think that our world is silent. I am an active girl. I am always involved in performances. I can act, dance and sing. This is because my hands sign the lyrics and my facial expressions convey the melody. I have a dream to travel around Malaysia, because this country has given me encouragement and support to fulfil my dreams. Love the ones who are called OKU (people with disabilities). Do not put them in a special place, but hold their hands and guide them every step of the way. God made us different in many ways and we are “special”.

ColoursOf My World by Stephanie Tam Zhu Shin, 14 years old, Shah Alam, Selangor
Development disability (Autism):

“Life is like a picture. I need to paint it colourful. There are flowers, butterflies, bubbles and birds in my world. They represent the peacefulness I receive as I live in this world.

The angel in the middle represents the people around me who are friendly and full of love. I also love music because it brings peace and happiness. What a wonderful and colourful world.”

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