27 October 2013

New stamp with a Rainbow..


Guru Padmasambhavaon


Date of Issue : 18 June 2013

Here is a Miniature Sheet issued by Bhutan Post with a Rainbow in its design. The MS was issued to commemorate   the Birth Anniversary of Guru Padmasambhavaon 18th June 2013. Padmasambhava , also known as the Second Buddha, was a  sage guru from Oddiyana,  Padmasambhava is said to have transmitted   Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet,Bhutan   and neighboring countries in the 8th century AD. In those lands, he is better known as Guru Rinpoche  or Lopon Rinpoche, or as Padum in Tibet, where followers of the Nyingma   school regard him as the second Buddha  .

This beautiful MS covers the themes Rainbow, Mythology and Buddhism.

New Stamps from Ukraine


Date of Issue : 14 October 2013

Ukrpochta has issued a beautiful  souvenir sheet  “Generous Ukraine. Autumn” featuring fruits, flowers, mushrooms, birds and many more ...

It is is a continuation of the series “Generous Ukraine. Spring”and “Generous Ukraine. Summer” by the artist Natalia Kokhal. She had this artistic vision to portray Ukraine as women who symbolize seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The s/s “Generous Ukraine. Autumn” consists of four stamps depicting autumn generosities of the Ukrainian land: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), watermelon (Sitrullus lanatus), dahlia (Dahlia) and penny bun (Boletus edulis).


Fruits on stamp


Ukrainian post issued a new definitive stamp within the series Leaves and Fruits. The stamp depicts Common Pear (Pyrus communis). Pyrus communis, also known as common pear, is a species of pear native to central and eastern Europe and southwest Asia. It is one of the most important fruits of temperate regions, being the species from which most orchard pear cultivars grown in Europe, North America, and Australia have been developed.

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