09 January 2013

Canadian Pride



Date of Issue: 10 December 2012


Here are some new beautiful stamps from Canada featuring Canadian Pride The the iconic Maple Leaf !! The souvenir sheet with five stamps is wonderful and perfect for tourism theme.

It's no small secret that travelling Canadians sew the iconic maple leaf on backpacks and luggage. The new  designs of recent Canadian stamps  not only span the country geographically, but also show a broad cross-section of Canadian activities. The set of five stamps features essentially Canadian scenes with flag uniquely displayed. In one, three Muskoka chairs lounge on a dock facing a lake in early fall, evoking Canadian cottages from coast to coast.


The chairs reappear on the souvenir sheet, this time with the puffy, whimsical clouds of summer dotting the sky. The fall colours are recalled by the golden hue of a very Canadian hay bale that waits in a prairie field at harvest time.

Stamp booklet of 10 Stamps


On the East Coast, just outside Halifax, a spinnaker fills with a summer breeze representing the Canadian sails and flags that fill our waterways each season. This same spinnaker is shown again on the OFDC, this time with an iconic East Coast lighthouse in the background. During Canada Day celebrations in Winnipeg more than 3,000 patriotic Canadians gather on the lawn of the provincial legislature to form a living flag, challenging a record held by Victoria, British Columbia. Finally, a lone fishing hut brings a splash of colour on a clear day to a frozen Lake Scugog, Ontario.


Club News

Year Book of Indian Philately

Dear Friends,

The Year Book of Indian Philately, as you know, is a very much sought after publication among the contemporary Indian Philatelic Literature.

It has proved its mettle by winning a number of medals at various Indian and International Philatelic Exhibitions & Philatelic Literature Competitions. The latest are 2 in 2012, a Silver at the IPhLA 2012 in Germany, the World’s Largest & Most Comprehensive Philatelic Literature Competition and another a Silver Bronze at Sharjah 2012, the 28th Asian International Stamp Exhibition. We wish to continue this legacy with the coming editions too. In fact the Year Book has won a medal at every exhibition or competition it has participated in so far. Is not it incredible ? This is a publication which has proved to be a must for every philatelic library, personal or societies’.

We feel immense pleasure in announcing the 2012 edition of the Year Book of Indian Philately, which is due to be out very soon, by March 2013 to be precise. We have designed a special offer for this edition, especially for the Philatelic Societies & Clubs.

If your Philatelic Society or Philatelic Club places an order for 10 or more copies of the 2012 edition of the Year Book, we will provide a 2 Pages Space, Free of Cost to them. The usual cost of space in the Year Book is Rs 2000/- per page. The society can use this space in the Year Book to publicize their History, their Activities or their List of Members. This offer is available for 10 copies ( 2 pages  ) or more ( 1 page for every 5 copies thereafter). The matter to be published will be subject to editorial privileges.

Or, as a special favor to the societies, they may also send a commercial advertisement for this space. The commercial advertisement may be from their members or their firms. This is being allowed to make the societies able to recover the entire cost of the copies they intent to order. This will benefit both the parties. The advertiser will have his advertisement published for the amount he pays, and the society will get the copies for free. Society can also avail this opportunity to build up their funds by selling the Year Book copies to its members, may be at a concessional price.

This arrangement makes the offer an un-deniable opportunity for the societies & Clubs to avail and make multiple use of the page space in this world class journal by ordering maximum copies for their members. Your publicity / advertisement in the Year Book of Indian Philately will reach a large number of serious and capable segments of the Philatelic fraternity the world over and will be preserved as a ready reference for the times to come? In every sense of the word this is a unique & unparalleled opportunity for your society or club to do wonders with it.

We are sure you would not let this opportunity go. If you have any other query or idea about this, please do not hesitate to mail.

Looking forward for a positive, encouraging and prompt response from your end.

Thanking you,


Madan Middha 

publisher / Editor

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