12 January 2013

100 years of Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai



This was to celebrate 100 years of  Al Ahmadiya School. This school was the first semi-regular school in the Emirate of Dubai, which played a major role in the history of education in the coastal emirates and Dubai. Built in 1912, Al Ahmadiya School, located in Al Ras area of Deira, reflects the history of education in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular.


The stamps, issued in denominations of Dh1 and Dh1.25, and the souvenir sheet of Dh6, feature the facade of the school and a classroom. The school, which had about 300 students in its early years, first had teachers from Saudi Arabia to teach religion and Arabic language and later in 1920, recruited an elite group of teachers from Iraq.


Emirates Post Released released this as the last issue of 2012 on 12th Dec 2012. 

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