19 January 2013

Microprinting technique in Israel-India Joint Issue - Festival of Lights


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The theme of the stamps is "Festival of Lights" - Israel's stamp features the menorah with the word "Zion" inscribed inside a magen david star, and India's shows a row of lamps, representing the Indian holiday of Deepavali.

Last year Israel Post issued a postage stamp for the Indian holiday of Diwali to celebrate twenty years of relations.  The stamp is part of a two stamp set comparing the Jewish festival of lights- Hanukah to the Indian festival of lights. Notice that the stamp actually says Diwali and explicitly compares it to Hanukah.

Israel Post's logo is printed with microprinting technique in the Israel-India Joint Issue stamps - Festival of Lights.


Israel Micro 1 Israel Micro 2 super size 

super size scanning of the logo in Hanukkah stamp ( View Circled point)

Isreal Post logo hidden on the design

israel post hebrew


The stamps are digitally enlarged to view the microprinting on both stamps issued by Israel Post.

What is microprinting ? - Microprinting is one of many anti-counterfeiting techniques used most often on currency and bank checks, as well as various other items of value. Microprinting involves printing very small text, usually too small to read with the naked eye, onto the note or item. Microprint is frequently hidden in an inconspicuous, unnoticeable area on the note or item. The logo is circled to locate easily on scan.

- Kasinath R. Blog : http://shipthemegallery.blogspot.in/
Thanjavur, (Tamil Nadu)

Special Cover on Cricket

Release of special cover on 18 January 2013 for newly built cricket stadium. One day Int. cricket match being played here today 19 January 2013.

Special Cover on Cricket at Ranchi


Glimpses of the cover release ceremony


Philatelist Ashok Tiwari from Jamshedpur

P1011178 P1011219

1. Ashok Tiwari with his daughterYamini  2. Young fan with Dhoni

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